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Lumicon has been acquired by Optical Structures, Inc. OSI is the parent company of Farpoint Astro and Optical Wave Laboratories. Lumicon operations have been moved to Gold River, California and have been combined with with the Optical Structures Inc. family of brands. We are committed to continuing the Lumicon tradition of offering quality products to the amateur astronomy community.

We are in possession of all Lumicon inventory. We initially listed everything on the Lumicon website as "Out of Stock", but products are being made available as they are organized and packaged. Many products are available for sale on the Lumicon.com website now. You can contact Lumicon at:

11358 Amalgam Way, Suite A1
Gold River, CA 95670
Toll Free: (877) 623-4021 Phone: (916) 671-5735 Fax: (916) 671-5669
Email: doug@Lumicon.com

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Farpoint products are available from our Farpoint Dealers, whom we proudly support. Our products are also available through our online store, which automatically refers the order to the Farpoint dealer closest to the customer. If no dealer has the product, it is referred back to Farpoint to be filled directly by us.

Most Farpoint products are also available on Amazon.

For international orders, we strongly encourage you to use an international dealer to save on shipping costs.

All Farpoint Products are made in the USA at our facilities in Gold River, California.

Featured Products

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Farpoint 1.25" Ultimate High Contrast Narrowband Filter

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MSRP $149.95
Special Limited Time Manufacturer Direct Introductory Price: $109.95

P/N: FUHC-1.25

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Zhumell Z12 Light Shield

Farpoint's snap-in light shield for Zhumell Z12 telescope and many other 12" Dobsonians with 14" OTA's.


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MSRP $34.95
P/N: FZS12

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UBM parallelogram binocular mount

Universal Binocular Mount (UBM)
Farpoint's parallelogram mount with 12 lb. capacity. Includes tripod adapter for tripods with 3/8"-16 mounting screw, and two 5-lb balance weights.

In Stock and Available NOW!

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MSRP $249.99
P/N: FP130

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D Dovetail Saddle, 14" D size Dovetail Saddle, 14" long with non-marring clamping bar


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MSRP $112.99
P/N: FDS14

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Laser Collimator - 1.25" / 2" (650nm)
Stepped barrel laser collimator, red body, 650nm red laser. Includes mirror spotting template, center spots and instructions.

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MSRP $99.99
P/N: FP210

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dew shield

Dew Shield, Notched
8" SCT

Flexible dew shield for 8" diameter Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, with notch for "V" size dovetail bar. Fits Celestron or Meade.

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MSRP $29.95
P/N: FP351

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Bahtinov focus mask

Bahtinov Focus Mask,

Bahtinov focus mask for small-medium telescopes. Fits telescopes with dew shield or tube from 3.5" to 6.5" in diameter.

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MSRP $16.95
P/N: FP401

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1.25 inch T-ring Prime Focus Adapter, with filter threads

Farpoint's 1.25" T-ring Prime Focus Adapter, FAP200. This adapter drops into 1.25" eyepiece holders and presents male T-threads (42mm x 0.75mm) for T-ring attachment. The end that fits into the eyepiece holder is threaded for 1.25 filters. For prime focus photography with 1.25" focusers.

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MSRP $19.95
P/N: FAP200

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Cheshire - 2"
2" reflective cheshire. Includes mirror spotting template, center spots and instructions.

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MSRP $39.99
P/N: FP261

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