SBIG Camera Replacement Desiccant Plug

You’ve made a sizeable investment on your fine CCD camera from Santa Barbara Instrument Group. So it only makes sense that you protect it from the threat of moisture with our superior replacement desiccant plug, designed for ST Series cameras. Our replacement system has a removable cap that allows the quick change of desiccant packs in the field. This circumvents the need for a 4-hour “bake out” cycle of the stock desiccant plug. The Farpoint replacement plug includes 10 recharges of desiccant, double sealed in two “Mil-Spec” moisture barrier bags by our desiccant supplier in a temperature and humidity controlled packing room. Fits SBIG ST-7, 8, 9, 10, 1001, 2000 (E, XE, XME) series cameras.

Desiccant Desiccant Desiccant